DC Comics reviews 8/17/21 – Nightwing #83, Batman Catwoman #6

Superman Red and Blue #6

superman red and blue #6

Red and Blue has quietly been home to some of the best Superman stories in years. There’s some gems in this issue as well. The highlight of the issue comes from a quiet, understated tale from writer Tom King and artist Paolo Rivera. It’s a slice of life story about a waitress named Annie who’s first day at work ties in to the arrival of a very special young boy far from Smallville.

King’s writing is well suited to anthology series as he’s able to write concisely and get to the core of his story. Rivera’s art is a nice complement with a warmth to these glimpses of Clark’s life through a random stranger. This story is largely in black and white, which ties in beautifully with the tone of the story. The one splash of color makes the story all that more meaningful.

Son of Famers from writer Darcie Little Badger and artist Steve Pugh shows how Superman’s approach on caring for others was fostered by his experiences on the farm in Smallville.

Another story from writer/artist Matt Wagner, with coloring by Brennan Wagner, looks at the early era of Superman as Clark Kent learns there’s no better story in Metropolis than Superman. This was a fun story where Clark gets professionally jealous of his alter ego.

Superman Red and Blue has been a tremendous anthology series and this final issue proves a fitting farewell for this spotlight on one of pop culture’s best characters. I’m looking forward to re-reading the collected edition of this mini-series.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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