DC Comics reviews 8/17/21 – Nightwing #83, Batman Catwoman #6

The Flash #773

the flash #773

Jeremy Adams has settled in very nicely as the writer of The Flash. Like the title character Adams is doing an exceptional job maintaining the legacy of Wally West.

That’s exhibited with Wally’s handling of his new job and the threat of Heat Wave. It’s not the standard hero vs villain clash and more in keeping with the established nature of Wally as a peacemaker.

Artist Will Conrad remains a steady and consistent presence with streamlined work and excellent expressions for the characters. Alex Sinclair’s rich colors are vibrant fully bringing out the reds and yellows.

It’s interesting how DC editors view The Flash. On two instances there’s random tie-ins to other series that seemingly don’t have much to do with Flash. One is a pretty significant tie-in to Green Lantern for a comic that hasn’t been released yet.

Flash has been in the fast track of must read books since Infinite Frontier started and it hasn’t lost any momentum yet.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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