Star Wars The Bad Batch- Kamino Lost review S1 E16

Kamino Lost was a surprisingly low key conclusion to the Bad Batch’s first season.

Essentially the episode was an extended escape sequence without much drama. Much of the potential for thrills vanished when Vice Admiral Rampart and his Star Destroyers departed Kamino after ensuring everything on Tipoca City was destroyed.

There’s no chance of any of the Bad Batch getting killed in this underwater deathtrap and Omega is bulletproof for as long as the series runs. The only slight hint of suspense was if Crosshair would suddenly sacrifice to save his brothers or if Omega’s droid, AZ1-3 would have to die so Omega could live.

kamino lost review - crosshair and hunter

First, Omega and AZ save Crosshair from drowning in Escape Room 1 so he’s in their debt. As they head on the underwater tunnel and Crosshair asks if Omega is calling the shots now. Yeah, a lot has changed since you left.


Each of the Bad Batch tries to get through to Crosshair in their own way suggesting there’s still a place for him with the team. Crosshair’s devotion to the Empire is confusing as he made such a fuss about his brothers betraying him yet completely giving Rampart and company a pass for deserting him. This was a disappointing development that Crosshair is still #TeamEmpire.

kamino lost review - crosshair and the bad batch and omega

Some of this is because Crosshair would provide a missing personality trait for the Bad Batch as the cynical and distant member of the squad. And the other is because Crosshair has to be such an ineffective foil for the Batch, which was proven throughout the season, that he’s not suddenly going to become some major threat. Besides, Crosshair is essentially just a sniper Stormtrooper who’s name we know. There’s nothing else special about him in an Imperial role.

Omega has largely been the annoyingly precocious character who the creators have tried to force into becoming a fan favorite. That’s worked for a decent majority of the fanbase so the formula works. Bailing out of her escape pod to save AZ was a nice, heroic gesture and the most understated likable moment for her all season. Crosshair saving her settled the score, but Hunter’s pitch that they could go their separate ways because of a difference of opinion was weird.

The Batch agrees Crosshair going back to the Empire is the worst possible thing. They question his loyalty to the point everyone pulls their gun out on him when he goes to save Omega and AZ.

But sending him back to the group that betrayed the Jedi and took over the galaxy isn’t the same thing as letting a friend make their own choices and being cool with it. So now anytime Crosshair kills someone for the “good of the Empire” that death is on them, right?

That was a weird final scene for the Batch, but the actual final scene with Nala Se being welcomed to the Empire was hardly a thrilling cliffhanger. It almost seemed like the scene that should have immediately followed Rampart departing Kamino and letting the Crosshair/Batch scene end the episode and season.

kamino lost review - omega and the bad batch

As a whole, this season didn’t really satisfy my interest in seeing the Bad Batch survive in a post Clone Wars world much in the same way that episodes of the Super Friends with the Wonder Twins and Marvin & Wendy annoyed me. What’d you think of this season of The Bad Batch?

Rating: 6 out of 10

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