Leaked lineup of GI Joe Classified figures for 2022?

Marvel Legends continues to release an onslaught of figures. Star Wars The Black Series is knocking out some must-have figures. The Transformers War for Cybertron is putting out arguably the best versions of retail Transformers we’ve ever seen. And the Lightning Collection is killing it some fantastic figures for Power Rangers. But every Hasbro line is taking a back seat to the G.I. Joe Classified Series line for my collecting.

The 2021 releases haven’t been nearly as prolific as any of the other lines from Hasbro, but the figures have been amazing. And the distribution issues with Target exclusives seem to have been fixed.

Over on the What’s On Joe Mind podcast (awesome name for a podcast BTW), they’ve learned some of the figures lined up for the Classified Series for 2022. Assuming even half of this lineup is true, next year is going to be a huge year for Joe fans.

January: Croc-Master and Croc Deluxe 2-pack

February: Storm Shadow, Spirit (with Freedom), Cobra Officer

April: Tomax, Xamot and Stalker


June: Crimson Guard, Zarana and Dusty. Viper and Viper Officer two-pack

Target won’t have the Cobra Island theme next year and is doing Tiger Force vs. Python Patrol. The first wave will gave Tiger Force Outback, Python Patrol BAT and Python Patrol Viper.

Those are some pretty interesting reveals. I’m most excited about Stalker, Storm Shadow and Spirit. I’m a little surprised the second deluxe figure with animal set wasn’t Mutt and Junkyard though, but hopefully they’re next up. What do you think about this rumored lineup?

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