DC Comics reviews 8/24/21 – Robin #5, Checkmate #3

Superman vs. Lobo #1

superman vs lobo #1

This Black Label Series mini-series is a little funny, messy, chaotic and unpredictable. Readers definitely won’t call Superman vs. Lobo dull. An alien’s arrival on a distant planet inadvertently sets Lobo out for revenge on Superman for showing him up. Rather than taking his usual bash everything in sight strategy, Lobo takes a more subdued approach or trolling Superman on social media with the help of automatons starting a #NoThanksSuperman hashtag.

Using a Lex Luthor platform, Lobo trolls Superman until Lois Lane responds with her own hashtag thanks to an assist from Batman. Then Superman and Lobo have to team up to stop a virus from Toyman that threatens to go viral in the real world.

Writers Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie almost have too many ideas for this 48 page story. At times the issue reads like any and every idea that was conceived got thrown in. Some ideas work better than others. At times it reads like Seeley and Beattie are trying too hard to make Lobo edgy. He’s written on overkill, which works about half the time. Seeley and Beattie fare better with Superman and his allies and co-workers. It’s funny how this issue reinforces the notion why it’s better for Superman to have a secret identity.

Mirka Andolfo delivers some enthusiastic artwork. In this story, detailed and precise panels are far less important than an energetic, lively style where anything can happen and usually does. Andolfo captures that chaotic tone of the story to a fun visual style.

Arif Prianto’s colors also match the feel of the story with flashy color combinations.

Superman vs. Lobo’s first issue was a wild hybrid of good and wild. It doesn’t always work, but the approach makes for a worthwhile read. The creative team collectively takes a wild swing at doing something very different with both characters.

Rating: 8 out of 10