DC Comics reviews 8/24/21 – Robin #5, Checkmate #3

Mister Miracle the Source of Freedom #4

mister miracle the source of freedom #4

Writer Brandon Easton squarely keeps the focus on Shilo Norman this episode as he learns the truth about his origin and connection to Thaddeus Brown, the original Mister Miracle.

Working in the daughter of Scott Free and Big Barda sets up an easy arch-enemy for Shilo, but this issue was needed at exactly this time. This is the kind of introspective look at a hero rarely seen after they become settled in their powers and abilities.

Thaddeus Brown’s origin was very cool as well as Easton establishes him as an early hero in the 1960s, who also fought for Civil Rights. Brown has a tragic fall, but it sets up Shilo in a way to redeem him and discover the hero he’s always wanted to be.

Fico Ossio’s art style brings a unique flavor to the book. There’s such a rich sense of character and excitement on each page. Even in this story, which features far more flashbacks and less action, Ossio retains the intensity and life to every panel. Rico Renzi’s colors are another highlight, with especially nice work creating a washed out golden hue for the flashback sequences.

Mister Miracle is quickly becoming another gem for DC that hopefully doesn’t remain a well kept secret for readers much longer. By the time Easton and Ossio are done, Shilo Norman can take the character to new heights without being in Scott Free’s shadow.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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