Marvel Fan First Thursday reveals Excalibur box set, SHIELD, Skrull army builders

The Hasbro Marvel Legends team had an unexpectedly huge day of reveals including the much anticipated Excalibur box set and two new army builders.

These have already been revealed, but the crew officially revealed the Marvel Legends wave of The Eternals today.

Ikaris won’t have a Build-A-Figure piece.

Ajak is a Walmart exclusive while Thena is a Target exclusive. 

Deviant Kro is a deluxe figure.



Following the debut of the No Way Home trailer, Hasbro showed the full Spider-Man: No Way Home wave. 

J. Jonah Jameson

Dr. Strange


She’ll have pinless joints, double-jointed elbows and knees AND bicep swivels. Even better, Shriek will be the new standard base for female figures. Too soon to start calling for some redos of important female figures?

Sony Spider-Man Miles Morales (Gamerverse)

Build-A-Figure Armadillo

Hasbro showed off two new army builders with the SHIELD troop builder two-pack and the Skrull army builder.

Honestly after seeing all of the various options with the SHIELD set, Hasbro might as well just make double army builder sets going forward. I’m in for at least three of the SHIELD pack thanks to the unmasked portraits and I’m looking forward to building a formidable Skrull army. 

marvel livestream reveals - skrull grimacing head sculpt

The Hasbro team has been teasing it for awhile, but we finally get the fist look of the Excalibur multi-pack. Surprisingly, it’s not a five-pack of the original team, but a three-pack of Captain Britain, Meggan and Shadowcat.

All three figures look great though it’s odd Hasbro didn’t include a mullet head for Nightcrawler to reflect more of the Alan Davis style. Rachel Summers Phoenix II needs more work, but seems like a likely candidate for another Hasbro Pulse exclusive. 

On the HasLab front, both Galactus and tier 1 incentive Frankie Raye Nova have been backed. Next up is getting to 17,000 backers for Silver Surfer.

marvel livestream reveals -haslab silver surfer with accessories

You can still back Galactus at Hasbro Pulse

Pre-orders will go up for the No Way Home wave tomorrow. 

Photo Credit: Hasbro