WWE Amazon Livestream new Ultimate Edition pre-orders now up

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano hosted WWE Mattel’s first Amazon livestream with a few new reveals.

The Fan TakeOver Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan figures have been in stock solely on a blink and you miss it pre-order. If you’re persistent you might be able to catch them online.

Jeff Hardy

wwe ultimate edition jeff hardy

Here’s the Jeff Hardy link on Amazon.

Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 9)

Here’s the link for Hogan on Amazon although like Hardy you’re gonna have to stalk him.

Ultimate Warrior (Wrestlemania 6)

wwe fan takeover ultimate edition ultimate warrior

Pre-order Ultimate Warrior from Amazon.

DX Triple H

wwe fan takeover dx triple h

The Team DX vs Team RKO Survivor Series Triple H won this vote. It’s sorta worthless without the matching Shawn Michaels. This was a questionable vote selection from the fans, but it looks like it would make a decent figure.

Pre-order DX Triple H from Amazon.

Goldberg is coming up next in the Ultimate Edition Fan TakeOver poll.

wwe fan takeover goldberg


For the love of mercy people, the only acceptable vote here is WCW Goldberg. The good news is so far the WCW version is in the lead with 60% of the vote. Thank you. Thank you.


WWE Elite 87 is now up for pre-order on Amazon also.

wwe elite 87 - santos escobar - wide

Pre-order Santos Escobar


wwe elite 87 candice larae

Pre-order Candice LaRae

wwe elite 87 - asuka - front

Pre-order Asuka

Pre-order Apollo Crews

wwe elite 87 - otis - front

Pre-order Otis

Photo Credit: Mattel