DC Comics reviews 8/31/21 – Batman Fear State Alpha #1, Infinite Frontier #5

Static Season One #3

static season one #3

Vita Ayla has done a masterful job of making the familiar Static origin feel fresh and modern for contemporary audiences. It’s made for an ideal blueprint for how Warner Bros. could make a live-action Static movie.

Virgil has to escape police who think he’s Curtis Metcalf. With access to Hardware’s lab, Virgil gathers enough material to make his escape while discovering some new abilities. This was an optimal way for Virgil to start exploring his powers and beginning to feel the burden of being a hero. Even more so after a heart to heart with his father.

The father/son dynamic of Static is one of the best bonds currently in comics and feels far too rare. Meanwhile, Hotstreak strikes a deal with the feds to start rounding up Bang Babies. Darius has been a great addition to the original cast and serving a strong person as a high school social media advocate for the Bang Babies.

Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Chriscross share art duties this issue and there’s no trouble on this handoff. Their styles blend well and both provide excellent emotion for the characters paired with lively layouts.┬áColorist Wil Quintana takes some unconventional approaches to the pages resulting in some very dynamic and eye-catching pages.

Static Season One is hitting all the right marks. This is a reimagining of a 90s character done right and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite titles from DC.

Rating: 10 out of 10