Image Comics reviews 9/1/21 – Geiger #6, Commanders in Crisis #12

Geiger #6

geiger #6

For the final act of this volume, writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson unleash all the stops. Geiger has already proven to be a compelling read with this folklore sense of storytelling. With this issue, Johns reveals the story that’s played out throughout these first six issues occurred decades ago.

Geiger has to free the children from the not so benevolent military forces that collected them from the Vegas wasteland. While the football is no longer of interest, making sure the kids are secure is Tariq’s priority. Johns doesn’t club readers over the head with the analogy of Henry and Hailee serving as surrogate children, but that connection is obvious. The escape doesn’t play out too easily as Geiger has to deal with Junkyard Joe, a character seen in the end note comic strips, now a formidable foe capable of withstanding Geiger’s biggest moves.


And that doesn’t even account for the King of Last Vegas’ forces seeking revenge on him as well. Free of having to juggle decades of continuity in a sensible and entertaining format, Johns can simply write a story with strong characters while crafting a larger mystery.

Frank’s artwork is always so detailed with terrific emotion for the characters. In this more action heavy finale, Frank is able to show Tariq and his two-headed wolf companion at their most brutally efficient combat mode. Anderson’s color work is some of the best in the business put to exquisite use with the glow of Geiger’s powers.

Geiger probably over delivered and somehow managed to surpass expectations despite the pedigree of its creative team. I’m looking forward to the next volume, but the world of Geiger expands with a 2022 Junkyard Joe series and an 80-page special in November. The fun is just getting started with this exciting new universe.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10