Marvel Legends Shang-Chi review – BAF Mr. Hyde wave

Shang-Chi represents what should be an exciting new chapter in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. I’m looking forward to this one and it seems like Hasbro is excited about this as well with a nearly complete movie wave of Shang-Chi and the characters in the film.

Today, I’m looking at the title character himself. Let’s see if he’s worth the double kick…er, dip from the amazing comic book version.

Packaging:  Hasbro makes it clear the focus of this wave with a prominent Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings logo at the front. I love the package art that stays consistent with the Marvel Legends style while maintaining the actor’s likeness.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - package bio

Similar to the Disney+ wave, the sell through portion features renders and not actual package art. That’s a weird look and hopefully we don’t see that again with subsequent waves. The bio frames what Shang-Chi’s journey and the path he’ll follow through the movie.

Likeness:  Hasbro’s face printing work continues to impress and the likeness to star Simi Liu is incredible. Everything from the hairline to the expression is dead on.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - wide pic

Over the years, Marvel has updated Shang-Chi’s bare-chested, karate gi pants 70s look while keeping him with a basic red and black motif. The movie outfit looks very much like some of the more recent Shang-Chi costumes. It features some intricate texturing and the linework with the panels.

This work is some of the more impressive Hasbro has delivered on a movie costume just from the amount of new sculpting that could have been done with lesser effort. Instead, Hasbro made sure to include all the details, folds and unique elements like the shoulder rings and the below waist folds of his shirt.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - deep in thought

Paint:  In the promo art it seems like there’s a half shade of stubble on Shang-Chi, but that’s not reflected on the figure. There is literally one “flaw” on the figure and that’s a very tiny blue-ish mark around his left eye.

It’s one of those things I had to look real close to find an issue. This is pretty consistent with the other Shang-Chi’s I’ve seen on shelves.


marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - scale with sam captain america and black panther

Scale:  Without interaction with other MCU characters there’s no hard fast sense of how tall or short Shang-Chi needs to be when matched up with other figures. Liu is 5’11” compared to the 5’10” Anthony Mackie and 6’2″ Tom Hiddleston for example.

The scale seems pretty spot on with the Captain America figure.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - facing sam captain america

Articulation: Shang-Chi has very easy articulation and is an exceptionally fun figure to pose. He’s got a bit more range than the traditional neck tilt allowing for a bit more character and expression in poses.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - deep stance

You’re not going to have any trouble striking elaborate martial arts poses with him. It’s nice to see the excellent articulation carry through with both the comic and movie versions of the character.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review -thrust punch

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - ready for battle

Shang-Chi has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review -vs the mandarin

Accessories:  Shang-Chi comes with two sets of swappable hands. One set is a clutching pair and the other features a different positioning than Hasbro has done before. It’s fitting for Shang-Chi and should help make for some interesting poses. Maybe there’s some significance that is yet to be revealed from the movie?

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - holding staff

He also has a longer bo-staff type weapon. I’m always down to get new weapons in the collection.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review -staff behind back

Finally he’s got the left leg of the Build-A-Figure Mr. Hyde figure.

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - with accessories

Worth it?  I was able to get Shang-Chin for $13 thanks to this wave going on clearance at some Target stores. It took a Walmart sale to get him for that price.

Rating: 9 out of 10

marvel legends mcu shang-chi review - alternate hands strike

Where to get it?  I got Shang-Chi from, but try your local Targets. You can also order him from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.