Titans – Home review S3 E8

It’s close to that time to pay the tab for this season and if Home was any indication, the Titans writers are definitely dining and dashing.

There’s consequences to rushing through important developments and explaining away a villain’s super prowess via cheat code. None of that makes for a satisfactory final stretch of this season however and Crane has long outlived his useful. 

Gar checked in with Molly to get her help in the odd chance that Jason reaches back out to her. It’s frustrating that the writers are making Gar so naïve as to just explain away Jason’s actions by “no, it’s cool since he was on Scarecrow drugs.” That could have still been a valid excuse right up until Jason killed Hank. Then he just became another villain that needs to get taken down regardless of his past association with the team. 

Barbara had a very good night with Dick…yeah, that doesn’t sound right…Nightwing and the Bat signal has been replaced by a Titans signal. 

Tim Drake shows up at Wayne manor revealing he knows Dick is Nightwing and Bruce is Batman. After his father was shot (and thankfully not killed), he wants to be the new Robin. There’s too much wrong with this.

titans home review - tim and dick

In the comics, Tim watched Bruce slowly unravel and pleaded with Dick to return to help Batman before he spiraled out after Jason’s murder. Dick got ambushed along with Nightwing, forcing Tim to spring into action as Robin. It was a great moment that immediately signified Tim as a legitimate Robin.

Titans tries to circumvent all of that essential buildup and just goes for one quick exposition dump. There’s no real need for a third Robin. The Titans aren’t licking their wounds and basically have Crane and Jason on the run at this point.

Thanks to Barbara using tech that’s totally not Oracle, Dick tracks down Jason and does the idiot hero move in every movie by yelling Jason’s name. In the chase he manages to get hit by a truck. Batman would not approve of Dick not looking both ways before zooming out into the street. It seems like he got a whiff of some of Crane’s fear gas as he slowly starts hallucinating. 

In the season’s unexpectedly great pairing, Komand’r and Conner hook up. Komand’r has been a surprisingly fun addition to the Titans and Conner has a budding new relationship. Kory is still seeing visions and her sleep deprivation stint leads her to a random locale. It feels like this subplot needs to start going somewhere beyond the reveal it wasn’t Komand’r giving Kory the visions. 


Jason goes to a peep show and pays the performing couple to pretend to be Hank and Dawn so he can apologize. This got weird. The woman offers the sage advice that the only place that will take you back when you’ve done crummy stuff due to drugs is home.

Gar brings in a message from Jason via Molly. He wants to meet Dick in the tunnels…alone. Tim pops up explaining he saw Batman use the tunnels before. Gee, Tim would have been a lot more helpful when Dick and the Titans had no clue how to track and stop Crane and Jason. 

With Jason cool on their partnership, Crane gets nuts. He kills the security guard checking in on his new temporary hideout and then kills his mother just to show he’s really evil.

Bad guys have to do bad things, but these both felt like desperate efforts to make Crane more despicable and threatening. We get it. Crane is crazy, but he doesn’t really specialize in fear so much as dabble at in conjunction with his criminal hippie vibe. This is why the season needed a second/third villain. 

titans home review - gar, conner, komand'r and kory

Dick wants to strike a deal with Jason to bring Crane down, but Kory and Conner want nothing to do with a deal that aids Jason. Maybe call in Dawn to get her thoughts?

Tim tracks Jason down to Crane’s new HQ only to stop outside like an idiot long enough for Crane to shoot him. The Titans arrive quickly enough so Gar can call an ambulance and stay with Tim. Kory falls for Crane’s trap and triggers and explosive that unleashes the fear toxin in Gotham’s water supply. 

So Crane wins again and there’s no obvious way the Titans can turn the tide…unless Raven and Donna suddenly show up to magically save the day. 

Home starts to find a path for Jason’s redemption while Crane stays a thousand steps ahead of everyone else. 

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: HBO Max

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