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Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #4

supergirl woman of tomorrow #4

Tom King’s deliberate pacing can be frustrating on some of his titles. Too often an extended buildup leads to a disappointing payoff. So far there’s been no hints that the quality of Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow is going to drop as the mini-series reaches its halfway point.

Supergirl and Ruthye continue tracking the Briganders finding the destruction they leave behind to neighboring planets. During these segments Ruthye, notes her observations of the horror and Supergirl’s efforts to aid the victims. It’s an incredibly well done to show the heroic nature of Supergirl far more effectively than having her punch out someone. King has a terrific handle of how to write Supergirl and how she differs from her famous cousin.

Bilquis Evely’s majestic artwork continues to mesmerize. This issue finds trips to various worlds with distinct characters encountering Supergirl.

Evely’s designs for these aliens is great, right down to their size and the emotions they convey. Mattheus Lopes’ color work wonderfully complements Evely’s elaborate pencils.

King and Evely are halfway done in creating one of the more memorable Supergirl stories in years. Provided King sticks the landing this could be revered as one of the all-time classic Supergirl stories.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10