IDW comics reviews 9/22/21 – G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #286

Legendary G.I. Joe writer Larry Hama revisits the Untold Tales landscape for G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero #286.

gi joe #286 cover

For longtime readers, anytime writer Larry Hama wants to revisit the Untold Tales premise it means another exceptional issue.

This time, Hama focuses on Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow’s LRRP unit. With the luxury of spending extended time with the group, Hama explores the origin of the squad from Storm Shadow’s to Stalker’s arrival.

In the epic, G.I. Joe #26 and #27, Stalker narrated his time with the group with characters Wade, Ramon and Dicky essentially being cannon fodder. This issue gives Hama the opportunity to show in much greater detail the bond of this unit. From card games, to collaborating on letters to send home, Hama conveys the sense of brotherhood.


It’s also fun to see the actual beginning of Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes’ friendships with Tommy getting him out of his shell. This seems minor, but shows how deep this bond is between the two ninjas.

Hama also throws in some mystery with the soldiers’ curiosity about Tommy’s family business and learning more about Snake-Eyes through their latest member.

Artist Andrew Lee Griffith has a few rough pages specifically with character faces, but the overall flow of his pages is crisp, allowing for a naturally easy read.

Griffith’s layouts are solid and there’s some strong attention to detail right down to the melting gun barrels. J. Brown’s color work is also firmly dialed in as well with appealing combinations.

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Photo Credit: IDW Publishing