Stargirl -Summer School Chapter Six review S2 E6

In a normal TV schedule, Summer School’s sixth chapter definitely would have been the midseason break episode. This was a tremendously entertaining installment that paid off on the build to Cindy’s Injustice Society and the rise of Eclipso.

The Junior Injustice Society starts making their moves against the JSA as Isaac and Artemis taunt Yolanda and Beth. This was elite level bullying as they gave them the heads up that they’re coming for them like the polite “we’ll fight after the final bell” back in the day at school. 

stargirl summer school chapter six review - fiddler II

They’re not just about taunts and threats though as Fiddler II and Sportsmaster II/Tigress II (?) take Pat out and break up STRIPE. This was a very strategic plan and makes a lot of sense if S.T.R.I.P.E. actually ever went out with the others on missions.

While it seemed like Cindy wanted to recruit Mike to join her ISA, her intent for him was much simpler — he’s the dude in distress to bring Courtney and the others out.

This makes a lot more sense than some illogical heel turn for a character that’s ever only wanted to help his family out. Still, that puts this new ISA at a definite numbers disadvantage although Beth can’t fight worth anything so maybe it is a fair fight?


Barbara still doesn’t like those odds and calls Shade. Is this the act of an overprotective mother or an all-in parent of a superhero? Stargirl doesn’t shy away from action heavy sequences, but it’s rare to see this kind of throw down with hero squad vs. villain squad. This is one area that could be improved on with films. We never see teams battle each other. It’s always heroes versus villain army fodder. 

Not shockingly, this one plays out very well with well laid out and clean action. Beth really does need some sort of offensive advantage so she’s not such a defenseless liability.

stargirl summer school chapter six review - beth

Just as things get bad for Cindy’s ISA, Eclipso starts taking control of her. This turns the tide even with the arrival of Shade. Courtney seizes the deadlock with Shade and Eclipso Cindy to try and help out. While she fares better than Hot Rod, it’s all Eclipso needs to break away from Cindy and emerge on his own. 

Eclipso’s costume is very well done. Costuming has never been a problem for Stargirl and it’s why it’s laughable when some filmmakers try and convince fans that it’s impossible to make comic accurate costumes look good on the big screen. Nick Tarabay gives Eclipso a true horror movie villain vibe and plays up the creepiness factor big time.

stargirl summer school chapter six review - wildcat

While there’s several options, Eclipso immediately turns his soul devouring appetite to Isaac and absorbs/kills him. Cindy attacks him, but Eclipso only seems to send her into a portal. Artemis is the smart one of the ISA and runs off just as Eclipso stabs Shade. It’s a big win for Eclipso, who celebrates by creating a moon eclipse.

It definitely looks like darkness has fallen on Blue Valley. How will our heroes overcome this one?

And just to make things a little creepier, Eclipso morphs into his child appearance. It gives an It vibe, but it’s OK in this instance.

stargirl summer school chapter six review - cindy 

Summer School has made for a great backdrop for this season of Stargirl. The influx of villains and new threats have made for some strong episodes and if the back half of the season is as good, we’re in for another stellar run of Stargirl. 

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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