AEW Unrivaled Kazarian and Scorpio Sky review Wave 5 

SCU members Scorpio Sky and Kazarin have the honor of being the first AEW tag team champions. I was a big fan of the trio in ROH and was glad they had a decent reign before dropping them to the semi-makeshift team of Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page.

They’ve gone their separate ways, but Jazwares reunites them in AEW Unrivaled Wave 5. Hopefully this isn’t the worst figure review these guys have ever been to.

Packaging:  Let’s act like I’m saying something new here with these packaging. Love the gold foil and the gold/black color scheme.

They still need larger side portraits to make it easier to spot who’s won on the pegs and the back just needs a complete overhaul with stats and a bio.

Likeness:  Kazarian has this Antonio Banderas likeness and the sculpt did a great job of bringing that out as well. I prefer spiky hair Kazarian, but this close shaven look is accurate to this time period. I’m sure Jazwares will eventually get around to The Elite Hunter look at some point.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - kazarian front

Scorpio Sky had a slightly cocky demeanor without being as arrogant as he is now as a Man of the Year. Again, Jazwares was able to accurately depict this subtle confidence with a tiny smirk.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - scorpio sky front

Both figures seem to share the same torso although Scorpio Sky has some thick elbow pads.


Scale:  Scorpio is 5’10” and Kazarian is 6’1”. That puts Kazarian as one of the taller members of the non-monster segment of the AEW roster.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - scale with hangman page and the young bucks

The figures don’t reflect that as Scorpio is the same height as Kazarian. Outside of the giant Dustin Rhodes and Jon Moxley scale hasn’t been a big issue with this line. Hopefully this was a one off mistake.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - facing hangman page and the young bucks

Paint:  Both Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are in their black and gold attires. This isn’t the flashiest of wrestling gear, but that’s not a fault of Jazwares. More important to me there wasn’t any major issues with either figure.

This was Jazwares’ first black guy in the Unrivaled line. Mattel has struggled to get the skin tone down right on black wrestlers. While he could be a smidge lighter, Jazwares got Scorpio Sky’s skin tone just about right on its first try. I do feel like his beard could be a smidge thicker.

As you probably noticed Jazwares hasn’t fully solved the mystery of having the various parts of the figure have a consistent skin tone. Some pieces are lighter than others. It’s kind of weird, but not so awful that it’s a glaring problem.

Articulation:  Kazarian and Scorpio Sky had some sweet tag team moves and you shouldn’t have an issue pulling any of them off with the Unrivaled articulation setup.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - scorpio sky back breaker to matt jackson

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - scoprio sky dropkicking nick jackson

I felt like both guys needed more clearance in their hip area to raise their legs out front further. This impacts moves like legdrops to some degree.

Scorpio Sky is a wrestler whose high-flying style is definitely aided by this articulation scheme.

Kazarian is able to pull off his high impact/submission moves easier now.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - kazarian unprettier

Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - celebrity rehab

Accessories:  Kazarian comes with his SCU jacket. It’s plastic. Painting white on black is always tough unless a company is prepared to apply 32 coats of white paint. Jazwares seemed to go with 29 as it’s close, but some of the black is still peering through.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian -kazarian ring gear rear close up

Since it’s plastic, there’s no posing possibilities, which is always why they’re an annoying ring gear option. Actually getting the jacket off is worse and I have zero desire to put it back on and risk damaging the arms removing it again.

Scorpio Sky comes with his hooded vest. For wrestlers with hoods incorporated in their ring gear I always wish they had cloth material. The vest nature makes it easier to put on and off at least.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - scorpio sky ring gear rear close up

Both come with an AEW world tag team title.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - in tray

The titles came out very nice with a metallic sheen and clean lettering. It’s cool getting the tag titles in a single wave with the first tag team champions. That’s a nice touch.

aew unrivaled scorpio sky and kazarian - with tag titles

Worth it?  I got these guys for $20 apiece. I’m sure the titles hindered the amount of extra accessories so it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The hip clearance and inconsistent paint issues take the figure down while the ring gear isn’t very useful due to the hard plastic used.

Where to get it?  It took several treks to various Targets, but I finally found most of Wave 5. This wave has also been reported at Walmart as well. I wish Target would put these guys on the website to make tracking them down a little easier.

Grab AEW Unrivaled Scorpio Sky from Amazon.

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