DC Comics 9/28/21 – Justice League #68, Robin #6

Deathstroke Inc #1

deathstroke inc #1

Deathstroke has been a character with too many title starts and stops. It hasn’t been for a lack of quality writers and artists handling his exploits. Once the story is told, the writers move on and another Deathstroke book is cancelled.

Writer Joshua Williamson hopes to have a premise that sticks with Slade partnering with the clearly shady organization T.R.U.S.T. to take down bad guys. To help keep Slade in line and to learn T.R.U.S.T.’s real motives, Black Canary is his partner.

This is a different dynamic at least as Slade and Canary have some history and she’s too smart to trust him blindly.

Williamson has the duo take down a secret H.I.V.E. base that might have more surprises than they bargained for.

Howard Porter handles the art for the series and he brings his layered panel approach to good use here. Porter might not be as consistent with character faces now, but his layouts and action instincts are still very sharp. Colorist Hi-Fi brings some dazzling combinations for a vibrant visual.

Deathstroke Inc. gets off to a solid start. It’s not shaking up too much with the title character, but this new premise should provide some interesting storylines.

Rating: 8 out of 10