Star Wars The Black Series The Armorer figure review

The Armorer was one of the cooler characters in The Mandalorian. She was steely-focused and ran a tight ship in her guild of Mandalorians while whipping up armor and weapons for her clan.

Getting Star Wars The Black Series figures of the various Mandalorians is a tricky rabbit hole, but I definitely wanted The Armorer for my collection and glad Hasbro got her out so quickly — especially since Season 2 dramatically upped my Mandalorian wish list. Let’s see if this is the way with this figure.

Packaging:  The Armorer contrasts nicely with the color scheme of the backdrop showcasing her well. I love the mural setup and the line specific accent colors.

star wars the black series the armorer review - package bio

The Mandalorian has a sweet gold tone and her bio is fitting with her mysterious nature.

Likeness:  The Armorer has an awesome helmet, which captures the traditional look of the Mandalorian helmets with an additional Spartan flair. I like the small horns atop the helmet as well, which now have me wondering if she was part of the crew aligned with Darth Maul during his siege of Mandalore.

star wars the black series the armorer review - wide pic

There’s lots of fun elements to her armor that channel that wielder profession from the heavy gloves, the wielder skirt and thick boots. I like the angled nature of her chest plate and the high belt.

Hasbro released a Hasbro Pulse exclusive figure that had soft goods material for the cloak. The standard edition figure uses a plastic shell. Depending on your stance on soft goods vs. plastic you’ll prefer one over the other. I don’t dislike the look of the plastic cloak although it should be up on her shoulders higher.


Paint:  It’s rare when I have a SWB figure with sloppy paint apps and The Armorer doesn’t break that streak. The gold of her helmet really pops and I like the color combinations of copper, tan, grey and brown.

Hasbro also added some washes to the skirt and helmet that further help to make the textures and metallic elements stand out.

star wars the black series the armorer review -scale with mandolorian

Scale:  I didn’t envision The Armorer as particularly tall and she seems about right looking up at Mando. Now, I’m pretty much convinced I need the Heavy Gunner now to flesh out more of my Mandalorian army.

star wars the black series the armorer review - facing mandolorian

Articulation:  The Armorer should be able to sit and hammer out some materials, but occasionally lay the smack down on a few Stormtroopers that step out of line. There’s no issues with the basic articulation. For an armorer, she can handle all of the expected poses.

star wars the black series the armorer review - at work

The main issue is the fur cloak. It’s not pegged in as tight as I’d like and pops off with minimal movement. It’s the kind of design element I know is cheaper to make a separate piece, but really affects posing The Armorer too dynamically.

star wars the black series the armorer review - back to back with mando

The Armorer has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double jointed)
  • ankles

star wars the black series the armorer review - battling stormtroopers

Accessories:  Hasbro’s deluxe version of The Armorer had a few more accessories, but the retail version isn’t lacking for resources and materials either.

star wars the black series the armorer review - accessories in tray

She has her tongs and mini-mallet, which double as Stormtrooper-bashing weapons too. They’re scaled properly and aren’t supersized just to make them look better. I wish the melting pot was included with this figure as well.

star wars the black series the armorer review - tools of the trade

Worth it?  I found The Armorer at Target so I was able to get her for the regular $20 price. She’s a harder one to find though so if you spot her, grab her and don’t think twice. This is another well-executed figure from The Mandalorian line and worth the $20 price tag.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Armorer is a great addition to a Mandalorian display. The cloak limits some poses and is frustrating to keep attached. A few more accessories also would have been appreciated, but this is another winner from the Black Series team.

star wars the black series the armorer review - ready for battle

Where to get it?  Like I said, I’ve found this wave at retail a few times though The Armorer is typically one of the first figures gone.  You can order her online from Amazon, GameStop and Entertainment Earth.