DC Comics reviews 10/12/21 – Strange Adventures #12, Batman 89 #3

Blue and Gold #3

blue and gold #3

Dan Jurgens loses the precarious grip he had with the first two issues of this series. Some of it stems from Jurgens’ decision to keep Booster a joke character.

Over the years, writers have made him an incredibly nuanced and deep character. There’s an avenue to paint Booster as a celebrity game chaser, but it’s feeling forced here. Ditto for the chat thread of Booster’s live stream. Jurgens reads like he’s just using some slang he saw and is trying to naturally incorporate into the dialogue.

The villain threat is underwhelming, but Jurgens still manages to get some fun out of the Blue and Gold dynamic.

Cully Hamner steps in as artist replacing Ryan Sook. Sook’s artwork was a major selling point for the title and that doesn’t carry over here.

Hamner’s style is more rough and rugged resulting in some awkward facial expressions and character positioning.

Despite its flaws, Blue and Gold thrives with its two leads. Jurgens just needs to ease up on the beating down Booster Gold and emoji-fueled weapons/texts and allow readers a chance to see why his leads are still so revered.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10