DC Comics 10/19-21 – Batman #115, Nightwing #85

Shazam #4

shazam #4

It’s amazing how hellbent DC seems to want to drag its readers kicking and screaming into the bleak and joyless Future State era.

The shame is writers like Tim Sheridan are fully capable of crafting very fun and enjoyable comics like this final installment of the Shazam mini-series.

Billy meets a far different Black Adam than the one he remembers who’s fine being called Teddy. To line up with the Future State events, Teddy spoils what’s in store for his former enemy turned close ally. If it saves Billy from becoming the cause of so much death and mayhem in the future it’ll be worth it.

Sheridan makes these casual conversations come off far more natural than some of his peers, which helps give outrageous events more weight.

Artist Clayton Henry seemed to have a blast this issue with inverted panels and intricate layouts. No matter the setting, colorist Marcelo Maiolo has kept the series from falling into visual despair with bright, bold colors.

Shazam is getting folded back into Teen Titans Academy, but that feels like a disservice to this creative team that’s made this spotlight on Shazam worth continuing to an ongoing series.

Rating: 9 out of 10