DC Comics 10/19-21 – Batman #115, Nightwing #85

Batman #115

batman 115

The good news? There was some positive momentum on the Fear State front. The bad?

Fear State still hasn’t evolved into a very interesting book from the Batman perspective. All of the engaging storylines are coming from peripheral titles.

Writer James Tynion IV still hasn’t explained Scarecrow’s fascination with Peacemaker-01 while Simon Saint has fallen into cliché mad scientist mode.

Batman at least gets some screen time this issue as he teams with Miracle Molly to find the Unsanity Collective’s mind machine. Naturally, Scarecrow is three steps ahead of Batman, who’s still on reactive mode. Tynion’s Batman often has more of a responsive role and rarely showcases any analytical or detective skills.

This is better than the Batman outsmarts everyone portrayal of the character, but there’s a better middle ground. Master Wyze and Poison Ivy also have a moment reflecting on their role in Gotham. A lot of the characters are very introspective and in deep pondering mode this issue, which makes it feel less exciting than it could be.

One of the more consistent aspects of this run has been the artwork of Jorge Jimenez.

While Jimenez doesn’t skip the issue, most of the artwork is provided by Bengal. Bengal has a very different style from Jimenez and after so many issues with his art prominently on display, it’s jarring to have a new main artist at the home stretch.

Fear State is coming to an end along with Tynion’s tenure on the title. So far it hasn’t been the grand finale expected given the tremendous start of his run.

Rating: 7 out of 10