DC Comics 10/19-21 – Batman #115, Nightwing #85

Green Lantern #7

green lantern 7

Splitting up the Green Lanterns story into separate plots is an interesting strategy. Writer Brandon Thomas uses the first half to detail some connection with the Oans and the New Gods.

The Lantern story has enough elements with the ring-bearers all losing power is a major enough story it should be the overall focus. Throwing in the New Gods and John taking a trip through time with Lonar felt like one new direction too many.

Sojourner and Simon Baz have to deal with the fallout from Keli attacking Korugar. Thomas works this subplot along with Keli’s past with Young Justice in an appreciated effort to tie in to previous continuity. Also, that cover with Kilowog fighting for his life? That’s something that totally doesn’t happen at any part in this issue.

Tom Raney handles the first half of the art. Raney is a solid pro and his pencils carry the ideal emotion and thrilling action scenes. Marco Santucci tackles the back half art. The separate nature of the story makes it easier to have two very different artists. Santucci provides a more realistic style that works for the Sojourner story.

Green Lanterns is an entertaining read, but the duel nature of the setup prevents either from feeling especially significant.

Rating: 7 out of 10