DC Comics 10/19-21 – Batman #115, Nightwing #85

Nightwing #85

nightwing #85

The thing about Tom Taylor’s writing is he can craft an entire issue from the point of view of another character and still make it work just fine. Taylor makes a case he’d be just fine writing a Batgirl comic as Barbara Gordon works with Nightwing to take down Seer, her opposite number.

This gives Taylor the easy excuse to work in a flashback sequence with young Robin and early Batgirl in a cute moment that showcases their longtime bond. Starfire/Nightwing fans might be disappointed, but Taylor shows why Barbara and Dick are a better pairing.

Taylor also keeps the deeper connection with the Bat Family intact with a cameo from Robin. The only thing missing from Taylor’s Nightwing run so far is incorporating Duke Thomas into the action.

Guest artist Robbie Rodriguez tends to make male characters look a bit younger than their comic age, but the panel layouts and character poses is sensational. More importantly for this issue, Rodriguez draws a terrific Batgirl. Adriano Lucas’ color work is fantastic especially in the Gotham skyline sequences with The Magistrate drones lighting up the sky.

Nightwing remains the best value book for DC fans. It’s a book clearly crafted with care. Fear State hasn’t been the strongest Batman crossover, but the tie-in books like Nightwing and Catwoman have navigated it well to not completely derail their ongoing story arcs and provide some of the best installments in the sage.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10