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Aquaman The Becoming #2

aquaman the becoming #2

Too often it feels like the best DC comics are limited series that never get sequels or any kind of follow-up. That seems to be the case with Aquaman The Becoming, a book that’s taking a deep (hmm) dive into Jackson Hyde.

DC is slowly pushing aside its old guard of heroes for a new generation. It seems like Jackson, Jace Fox, Yara Flor, Jo Mullein and Jonathan Kent would be better served as a not quite Justice League, Infinity Inc. style iteration of the ‘we’ve got next’ generation.

Writer Brandon Thomas has a great storyline starting and it really warrants more than four more issues. Jackson has been framed for a terrorist attack. He’s on the run and now Atlantean officers are questioning Mera. Thomas uses a clever storytelling format for this issue that helps to roll out Jackson’s escape.

Thomas also works in some intriguing subplots about Mera and Jackson’s Xebel heritage. It’ll be interesting if Thomas goes further and explores Jackson’s skin color and sexual identity as reasons for further discrimination.

Art chores are shared between Diego Olortegui and Skylar Patridge. Both artists provide quality work though it’s a little frustrating that even in a limited series, one artist isn’t able to tackle drawing the entire series.

This has been a solid read so far and Thomas is showing that even if Jackson isn’t ready to become Aquaman, he’s definitely worthy of headlining his own title.

Rating: 9 out of 10