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WWE Ringside Fest 2021 – WWE Ultimate Edition, WWE Superstars Wave 2 reveals

Now here’s the update for my favorite line — the WWE Ultimate Edition series with what might be the definitive version of Hulk Hogan yet. And he’s bringing his Wrestlemania 1 tag team partner with him.

Fan TakeOver Ultimate Warrior

wwe ultimate edition - fan takeover ultimate warrior - close up

wwe ultimate edition - fan takeover ultimate warrior - accessories

Hulk Hogan

wwe ultimate edition - hulk hogan


Mr. T

wwe ultimate edition -mr t


wwe ultimate edition kane elbow issue

The big update here was Action Figure Attack stating the Kane botched elbow will be fixed via a running change. People who already received the figure with the missing red paint will be able to get a replacement arm with the correct paintjob.

Pre-order WWE Ultimate Edition Kane from Entertainment Earth.

The Wrestling Superstars line might be in a bit of flux with Ric Flair and Bray Wyatt scheduled for Wave 1.

Mattel did preview Wave 2 with some great additions.

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