Stargirl – Summer School Chapter Twelve review S2 E12

Stargirl’s second season is almost over. It’s wild how strong this season has been while avoiding the pitfalls that make the sophomore season of too many superhero shows stumble.

Courtney and Pat rally the JSA — along with a few new recruits — for a potentially final battle with Eclipso.

Encouraged by her success with at least not having Cindy want to fight them, Courtney decides to try it one more time with Yolanda. Give Yolanda credit for sticking to her stance. She doesn’t want to become a hero again. Courtney’s ace up her sleeve argument that the JSA had to kill backfires as it just emboldens Yolanda to double down if the experienced heroes had to resort to killing. Fair point.

stargirl summer school - chapter two review -courtney and yolanda

Courtney didn’t realize she’d get some unexpected help from Cindy, who watched their exchange. Cindy’s playing the mean girl, but she seemed like she actually wanted to do a good thing by manipulating Yolanda to come back. Courtney calls her out, although her heart isn’t into it since her best friend is back.

Pat does his part as well by having a heart to heart with Rick’s uncle. Initially, Rick’s uncle wants to see him fully prosecuted, but Pat’s closed blinds conversation convinces him otherwise. What the heck did Pat say? Rick can’t slip back into his costume like Yolanda. He’s got to redesign the hourglass he shattered in a tantrum.


The recruitment drive isn’t over. Mike finally realizes who has possession of the Thunderbolt — his pal Jakeem (Alkoya Brunson). Jakeem is down to help save the day with Thunderbolt, but first he’s got to take care of the dishes or risk getting in trouble with his father.

stargirl summer school - chapter two review -jakeem and mike

Stargirl is one of the few shows that can pull off something like that and have it completely work in providing some quick genuine laughs just before the situation gets totally bleak.


This episode had a number of funny and feel good moments. Beth geeking out over actually meeting and partnering up with Chuck was a well-earned moment. And Barb scolding Cindy was very funny. It definitely doesn’t look like The Shade is dead since he’s haunting the Whitmore kitchen.

Jade tried to analyze some of the dark matter fragments Eclipso left behind when sending Cindy into the Dark Lands. It didn’t work out so well for her as she started getting tremors and Eclipso-visions.

stargirl summer school - chapter two review -barbara, cindy and courtney

The most terrifying is that Courtney is going to get possessed by Eclipso. If the strongest force against him can get converted, what hope is there for the rest of the JSA?

This is all setting up for a very exciting season finale with the expanded JSA going to battle the villain that ultimately defeated their predecessors.

stargirl summer school - chapter two review - courtney

I’m already envisioning the scene where Solomon Grundy and S.T.R.I.P.E. team up to knock Eclipso into the moon. It should be a solid finale for what’s been a terrific season. Are you looking forward to seeing how it all plays out?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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