Stargirl – Summer School: Chapter 13 review S2 E13

Stargirl’s season finale capped one of the finest sophomore seasons of any comic book show. Given that it didn’t end with the idiotic death of a character that should be invulnerable to lightning or starts the whole Olicity debacle, this might be my top choice.

If anything, Summer School’s conclusion proved it’s actually not that taxing to do a fun DC comics show when the writers stick relatively close enough to the source material (looking at you Titans) and just has fun with the material. Paying off all of the subplots doesn’t hurt either. 

The JSA is prepping for a final battle with Eclipso. Mike and Jakeem are at the garage while Zeke works on STRIPE and Rick tries to fix his hourglass. STRIPE is missing a part and Jakeem finally figures out how to properly use the Thunderbolt. 

Meanwhile, Stargirl, Wildcat, Shiv and Pat confront Eclipso. It’s a small JSA, but that wouldn’t stay the case. Yolanda and Cindy play off each other very well and it’s a lost cause thinking Shiv should go back to being an enemy. Cindy’s too much fun as the wild card with this group to just be a boring villain with a bad attitude. 

Young Brucie welcomes them to his fun house and immediately has them tied up with hallucinations and illusions. Yolanda faces the original Wildcat while Pat faces a young(er?) Stripesy and Shiv fights her younger self. Stargirl tries to take out Eclipso with little success. 

There was some really nice fight choreography with Shiv and Stargirl taking on Eclipso. He takes them out long enough for STRIPE (piloted by Mike) and Thunderbolt to launch their attack. This paid off a pair of subplots with Mike not feeling like he could contribute and Thunderbolt actually being used in an offensive capacity. 

stargirl summer school chapter 13 review -jakeem

As Hourman, Rick arrives. While his hourglass is still broken, he’s got something else to bring the fight to Eclipso — Solomon Grundy. Eclipso seems to kill Grundy, but given his immortal nature that probably won’t stick. As a card carrying massive fan of the Geoff Johns/David Goyer era of JSA, watching Rick and Jakeem together was so cool. Pun intended.


With everyone else taken out, Stargirl has to say those three little words to save Pat. ‘I hate you!’ This time there were some repercussions and Eclipso possessed Courtney. It shouldn’t be that hard to connect and link events that played out earlier in the season to the season finale, but it’s a rarity and helps make all of these moments here so meaningful.

And how rare is it for a superhero show to have the title character mess up to this extreme? Definitely not Supergirl. 

Just as everything looks darkest, here comes more darkness? The Shade returns and helps free Beth’s parents from Eclipso’s illusions. And now it’s time for the Doctor Midnights to suit up and get ready for battle. I dunno, it was actually cute (?) seeing Beth and Chuck get into costume. It’s the first instance we’ve actually had a hero/sidekick dynamic on screen and it was a lot of fun. 

stargirl summer school chapter 13 review - chuck and beth

Wildcat and Shiv don’t have much luck breaking Courtney free of Eclipso’s control, but Starman shows up and talks her through regaining control.

That would be enough, but Cindy decided to call on some backup herself and Sportsmaster, Tigress and Artemis show up with arrows and baseballs. The actual impressive size JSA and friends was tremendous.

Jade, Thunderbolt, STRIPE, Shade and Stargirl combining their powers against Eclipso was a nice moment. And because he takes him literally, Thunderbolt made good on Jakeem’s command and turned Eclipso into toast. Now that’s a sick burn. 

Since the team fought Eclipso throughout the season, the writers rightfully dedicated the back end of the episode on a well-earned epilogue. 

Starman is going to stay in Blue Valley and help Courtney master the cosmic rod. Beth found Chuck’s wife and learned she was pregnant when he disappeared. He’s got a 10-year-old son now. This also helps provide some context to how long the old JSA was inactive.

Beth’s parents have cancelled the divorce. They’re excited about having a superhero daughter — nicknamed the doctor no less. Maybe this was over the top, but it was actually nice to see the couple stay together and be excited Beth is a hero. 

Cameron’s grandparents are finally ready to share the family secret with him. Rick goes to bury Grundy, but Shade tells him Grundy won’t stay dead provided he’s buried at the right spot.

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Cindy agrees that Yolanda might have a point about how to do the right thing and wants to join the JSA. I was 100% against trying to redeem Cindy earlier this season, but now I’m fully on board with her being a member of the team. 

And she might not be alone as the Crock family moves in next door. Maybe Artemis will be joining the squad too? Next season’s subtitle, Frenemies, suggests what we’re in for and if anything like this year it’s gonna be another fantastic run. 

But that’s not all. Back at the Helix institute for Youth Rehabilitation, the doctor tells her supervisor about Blue Valley’s concentration of heroes and villains. That’s intriguing news to her boss, Mr. Bones (Keith David)! Stargirl is the show that keeps on giving. 

stargirl summer school chapter 13 review -courtney

There was so much goodness throughout this season and it all came together masterfully with this epic, emotional and exhilarating season finale. Summer School was head of the class with this terrific installment of Stargirl. More of this please, CW Verse. 

Rating: 10 out of 10

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