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WWE Legends Series 12 Junkyard Dog review

Junkyard Dog was one of my first WWE Elite reviews way back with Elite 33. That figure still holds up, but as an 80s fan, it was pretty much a lock I had to get the WWE Legends Series 12 version of JYD. Maybe the biggest question is if I’ll get the chase version as well.

Packaging: The Legends line has a terrific design. It’s got such a classy look with the gold, brown and yellows.

I always like the artwork and the stellar bio that explains this period of The Dog’s career. And it’s easy to see all the accessories and any paint issues.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - package bio

Likeness: Mattel immediately figured out the right parts for JYD. He’s got the right amount of girth and the proper arms and legs.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - wide shot

JYD’s original head sculpt was stellar, but it still feels like a significant upgrade with the True FX scan.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - head sculpt comparison with elite 33 jyd

Scale:  JYD was 6’3” putting him right in line with most of his peers like the 6’4″ King Kong Bundy, the 6’1” Terry Funk and Harley Race.


Paint:  With this version, Mattel went for red tights. The Dog typically wore white or red tights and then would mix it up with sky blue tights as well.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review -comparison with elite 33 junkyard dog wide

A lot of Dog’s big WWF matches were in the white tights, but the red was his more prominent look in WCW as a member of the Dudes With Attitude.

Mattel has been reliable with paint work so it’s not a shock there’s no issues with JYD’s Thump logo and JY Dog lettering along the tights. Ditto for his bulldog boots.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - boot detail

He’s also got a chase with blue tights. It’s not the sky blue I normally think of him wearing, but they are attire he wore in WWF.

wwe legends 12 - junkyard dog chase

Articulation: JYD was a fist throwing, body slamming brawler.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - ready for action

He definitely wasn’t agile enough to complain about him lacking double-jointed elbows or butterfly shoulders. It’d be nice, but hardly essential.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - jaw jacking with harley race

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - put up your dukes paul

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - rope forearm smash to paul orndorff

Junkyard Dog has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - atomic drop on cowboy bob orton

Accessories: Junkyard Dog comes with his signature chain and dog collar. It’s actual linked chains and hangs nicely without being too heavy to topple him over.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - accessories in tray

Additionally, he’s got a swappable set of clutching hands, which are nice to actually hold the chain.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - with dog collar and grip hands

Finally he’s got a crown from his feud with Harley Race over the title of The King of Wrestling. It’s a very nice touch to throw it in for collectors who missed him.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - wearing king's cloak and crown

Worth it?  Mattel has raised the price of these figures to $21.99 for $20. I was able to get Dog on sale thanks to one of Target’s multiple holiday sales.

wwe legends 12 junkyard dog review - ready to face off with macho man

Rating: 10 out of 10

It was hard to find fault with this figure. Maybe Mattel could have done a mustache version of Dog? A longer hair sculpt to double for a Mid-South era? What we got here was really solid and a welcome addition to my Legends display.

Where to get it?  The Legends line is exclusive to Target and you can get JYD from

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