DC Comics reviews 11/9/21- Action Comics #1036, Robin and Batman #1

Action Comics #1036

action comics 1036

The Warworld Saga kicks off this issue with the prevailing thought that this will be the storyline that takes Superman off the board for awhile so Jonathan Kent can be the only Superman in the DC Universe until sales need a boost. Phillip Kennedy Johnson came onto the Superman titles at a very weird moment in the books, but has done strong work.

With a focused agenda pairing Superman with a hand-picked Authority lineup and stellar art from Daniel Sampere, this arc gets off to a strong start. Johnson has a good handle on The Authority working in the seven member team well without clunkily bogging the story down to give each member some spotlight. As the team prepares to face Mongul they can’t get too comfortable especially since Mongul has been preparing for their arrival.

Sampere is an amazing artist as best showcased in his run on Injustice and this current run of Action Comics. Despite the change in direction, Sampere’s consistently strong take on action sequences and characters have made for a visually impressive title. Adriano Lucas’ colorwork has also been impressive.

Whether this arc does truly mark “the end” of Kal-El, Johnson and Sampere are setting the stage for a memorable epic.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10