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DC Comics reviews 11/30/21 – Batman Fear State Omega #1, Human Target #2

Teen Titans Academy #8


After a string of promising issues, writer Tim Sheridan reverts to some of the more frustrating aspects of his Titans Academy run.

Beast Boy actually references one of them — there’s just too many characters on the team. This issue more prominently features the original Titans, but so much has occurred in other books that they feel disconnected from the larger DC Universe.

Too many of the newer characters are coming off as unlikeable. Some are bullying others and outright stealing from them while others don’t seem to be written consistently from issue to issue.

And the biggest is the return of Red X, the most obnoxious superior to everyone character that’s always outsmarting several experienced groups of Titans.

Mike Norton’s artwork is fine even if it lacks the detailing and expressive character work as regular artist Rafa Sandoval.

The return of Red X is not encouraging and with Sheridan teasing the Future State of the Teen Titans again, there’s less reasons to be excited about the future direction of this title.

Rating: 6 out of 10