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DC Comics reviews 11/30/21 – Batman Fear State Omega #1, Human Target #2

Nightwing Annual #1


In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Tom Taylor’s first crack at a Nightwing/Red Hood team-up was fantastic. Red Hood is accused of gunning down an FBI informant and Nightwing takes the job to determine if his successor really is at fault. Along the way, Taylor explores one of Dick and Jason’s first encounters when Batman grounds Robin II for his impulsive actions.

Dick learns of the long shadow he casts while trying to help Jason work through his anger issues. And anytime Taylor can work in Alfred it’s a good time. Taylor also looks at the first two Robins as more of brothers trying to make sense of this new dynamic. Naturally, the two heroes team up to stop the real culprit allowing for Taylor to show the distinct differences in fighting approaches of Nightwing and Red Hood.

The only downside here is the tag team artist approach. Cian Tormey or Daniel HDR easily could have delivered amazing artwork through this issue, but their styles don’t mesh well enough to make for smooth transitions. On the plus side, the art is solid throughout.

Taylor has made every interaction with Dick and any member of the Bat Family a must-read and this annual is no different. Make sure to grab this one this week.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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