DC Comics reviews 12/7/21 – Batman #118, Dark Knights of Steel #2

Batman #118

Batman #118

It’s always exciting when a new, well respected writer steps in. From Scott Snyder, Tom King and James Tynion IV, the Batman gig is the gig at DC. Continuing the tradition is Joshua Williamson. It’s a toss-up between Williamson and Tom Taylor as to DC’s top writer — maybe just whoever wrote the last story you read.

Williamson had a phenomenal run on The Flash and has been doing excellent work on Justice League Incarnate and Robin so it made sense to have him succeed Tynion. This debut issue quickly proves Williamson was the right choice with a glimpse of Batman (and Gotham) moving forward in the wake of The Magistrate and Fear State.

Oracle is still very much a factor and Nightwing even stops by for a cameo. After dealing with Firefly in a very unusual setting, Batman departs Gotham to aid his former allies in the Club of Heroes who now stand accused of murdering a villain. But Williamson throws a massive curveball on the final page with a tremendous cliffhanger.

Also tremendous is the art from Jorge Molina and Mikel Janin. Janin is a familiar artist for Batman readers as he was the most prominent collaborator during King’s run. Molina’s work comes off like a stunning revelation with incredibly detailed facial work and forceful displays of action. Along with Tomeu Morey’s colors, this is some of the best art from a Batman team in a while. That’s no slight on the consistently great work from Jorge Jimenez, but if Molina and Janin stay on the book for a few years, they could be one of the more fondly remembered art teams.

This is an easy recommendation. The new creative team comes in ready to impress and delivers massively. Don’t miss this one as it looks like the start of a memorable run.

Rating: 10 out of 10