G.I. Joe Classified Series Breaker with RAM cycle review

I just assumed Hasbro was gonna have me waiting years after Stalker to get another member of the Original 13 Joes. OK, Hawk would get slotted in his Gen. Hawk gear, but I’m talking traditional predominantly green-attire crew.

A communications expert was becoming necessary with the specialists we’d gotten so far and it seemed like a lock that Dial-Tone was coming first. When Hasbro revealed Breaker I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled at the thought of getting more 0G13 sooner than I expected.

Even better, Breaker was being paired with a classic small scale Joe vehicle in the RAM cycle so this was an ideal vintage modern pack for me. Let’s call it in and roll out.

Package:  Breaker is one of the final (for now) members of the Assault on Cobra Island Target exclusive subset wave. Since he’s got more than the traditional figure, the box is longer although it still sports the same setup with the blue interior showcasing the figure and fantastic artwork. This time it’s provided by John Tyler Christopher.

The main shift from the standard packaging is the Special Mission: Cobra Island logo and the nondescript rear. In this case it would have been better to have an action shot with Breaker on the RAM.

Breaker is the first character in the line to not already have a bio up on gijoe.hasbro.com so that doesn’t conclusively prove a character is a priority if they’re on the site.

It also makes it hard to determine his proficiency in his skills. He’s fluent in communications (naturally), telecommunications device, linguistics and I assume lock-picking (?). I couldn’t find that icon on the site. Poor Breaker.

Hasbro did do a cool call back since Breaker was the Joe pictured riding the RAM on the original box art.

Likeness:  Breaker mostly reuses the Duke mold with the arms and everything below the waist. He seems to share the torso of the Snake Eyes (with Timber) figure, which also has the OG13 turtleneck homage collar.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - breaker helmet detail

Hasbro opted to go for the bearded look for Breaker. I get that since it was his cartoon and figure style. I wouldn’t have complained about an alternate head sculpt with a clean-shaven look to reflect his comic book look.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - breaker leaning on ram cycle

The head sculpt has a nice intensity to it while still looking like he could lean back in the VAMP while Clutch is driving them through some perilous terrain.

The RAM cycle has an impressive amount of detail and is really an amazing updated version of the original vehicle.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review -ram cycle front

Everything has been perfectly captured right down to the peg hole along the side.

The black visor shield is there as is the Gatling gun style cannon side cab. It seems the only thing missing are the saddlebags on either side.


Paint:  Breaker retains the classic visual tone of the original Joes with a mostly green outfit and a dash of black with the gloves, watch, flak vest straps, kneepads and boots.

My figure just had a slight overspray on the right glove section and a random dot of paint around his nose. Thankfully, Breaker’s beard turned out very clean.

The RAM cycle has great paint detail work with tampos filling in the job for the stickers we’d get to slap on our vehicles.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - ram cycle right side

That was always fun and I kinda admit, I did miss not being able to just apply them myself. This is a better and more cost effective option, I’m sure.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - handlebar details

Scale: Joe comic artists didn’t tend to make Breaker any taller or shorter than anyone else so the Duke mold is ideal for an average height guy.

The RAM Cycle is an ideal scale for a Classified Series figure since it was more of a compact vehicle. The transition to the six-inch scale means some it is wider naturally.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - breaker riding ram cycle front

Articulation: Like too many figures, Breaker suffers from restricted torso movement thanks to the flak vest.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - in action with scarlett and snake eyes

At this point that’s the biggest problem with the line. It’s a moderately simple issue. Hasbro either needs to go with the harness style of the Retro figures or make the flak vest a more pliable material.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - breaker running to ram cycle

Beyond that, Breaker features the usual great Classified Series range of movement. That’s handy for bike poses or crouching down to call in reinforcements when a mission goes FUBAR.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - calling for backup with gung ho

Breaker has:

  • head
  • neck
  • shoulders (butterfly)
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • mid-torso
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips (ball-jointed)
  • drop down hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - high speed chase with scarlett

Accessories: Breaker doesn’t have much by way of accessories. I suppose you could argue “his” accessory is the RAM cycle?

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - accessories in tray

He’s got a snazzy helmet that’s somewhat similar to the one with Heavy Artillery Roadblock. It’s got polarized lenses, which really turned out nice in how they simulate the sun refractions against them.

The helmet also has a tech rig, which Hasbro designers explained captured all the functionality of Breaker’s original backpack set in a more compact unit. I appreciate his helmet mouthpiece still carrying through to this more modern design.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - final pic

Breaker would have been an ideal candidate to come with the Joe signature M-16 rifle but failing that a pistol would also have been useful. He can’t be on the RAM all the time… This is in keeping with his 1982 figure, which was the only one without a weapon so nice callback from Hasbro here.

Of course, the big “missing” accessory for Breaker is his fully blown out bubble gum. This was an essential aspect of the character in the comic and Hasbro has included it with the 25th Anniversary Breaker vs. Destro set.

gi joe retro stalker review - scale with breaker, snake eyes and flash

The RAM’s big accessory is the Gatling gun and side cabin compartment. This is a separate piece so Breaker can use the Gatling gun. I prefer to think of that as too massive a weapon for Breaker to hold — that’s more exclusive to Roadblock — but if the RAM is wiped out, Breaker can use it propped up against some wreckage.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - breaker on ram cycle left side

Adding the side cabin piece was a cool design element although it’s just a bit too small to work as a makeshift secondary passenger seat.

Worth It?  Some collectors have found Breaker for $12. I wasn’t that fortunate, but I was able to price adjust the $40 I originally paid for a $20 sale for the set. The RAM cycle is clearly worth $20 and Breaker being the average price of a Classified Series didn’t feel like a rip off, so the set was appropriately priced originally. Yet getting both for $10 apiece was a terrific deal.

Rating: 10 out of 10

To get a highly functional Joe vehicle and a core member of the original squad for under $20? This is a definite bargain. You’re basically getting either Breaker or the RAM cycle for free. Breaker is the typical Classified Series quality, and the cycle is an excellent vehicle. Hard to complain here.

gi joe classified series breaker with ram cycle review - chasing baroness with scarlett

Where to Get It? I got him through Target.com. Now you should be able to find him in your area stores with little trouble and possibly take advantage of holiday discount pricing.

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