DC Comics reviews 1/4/22 – Dark Knights of Steel #3, Batman #119

Dark Knights of Steel #3

Dark Knights of Steel #3

I was excited about the prospect of a medieval take on the DC Universe.

Right up until the point when Supergirl killed all the main black male characters in the series in consecutive issues.

Like Civil War, character deaths feel weird when it happens to one of the few black male characters.

It’s disappointing that writer Tom Taylor took this approach since one of the more fascinating aspects of the series was that Black Lightning led the army opposing the Els. But in subsequent issues, both King Jefferson and his son were quickly killed off.

King Jefferson could have been killed later in the series, but to do so right after his son, the only other black male shown so far in the series, feels like terrible timing.

Supergirl has been portrayed like an unstoppable remorseless killer. King Jefferson isn’t the only one she kills this issue and her other victims seemed massacred for no reason.

The more fascinating angle is Constantine and Lois Lane serving as advisors to King Jefferson and Queen Hippolyta. And Alfred reveals another truth to Bruce after an encounter with Kryptonite.

Yasmine Putri’s art is gorgeous and truly captures the feel of this fantasy epic.

For DC’s efforts to enhance representation, killing off a major black male character casts a disappointing light on this installment of Dark Knights of Steel.

Rating: 7 out of 10