The Book of Boba Fett – The Tribes of Tatooine review – S1E2

The Tribes of Tatooine was another solid installment of The Book of Boba Fett even if it felt like it stayed too long in the past than the present.

It might be a case that the present-day scenario was so tense and exciting. Plus, we got the debut of an unexpected character from the Marvel Comics series.

Fennec brought in the surviving assassin that tried to take Boba out. While he wasn’t interested in sharing who hired him to Boba, he was far more talkative when the Rancor’s gate opened.  It was a nice bluff, but Boba and Fennec might actually want to put something in that pit capable of striking fear where a pair of bounty hunters cannot.

The confession takes them to Mayor Mok Shaiz (voiced by Robert Rodriguez). Mok Shaiz uses his own translator voice box and doesn’t rely on his sycophant Majordomo (David Pasquesi).

Mok Shaiz assures Boba he didn’t hire the assassins and suggests it might be the new arrivals on Tatooine prompting another visit to Garsa Fwip’s cantina. There’s definitely gotta be more to Garsa than overly hospitable cantina owner, right?


Boba doesn’t chat long before the new arrivals announce their presence — it’s two of Jabba’s cousins, who clearly want in on the action now that their dear cousin is gone. Odd that they didn’t try to take over while Bib Fortuna was in power. They didn’t come alone though and call out their protection, the feared bounty hunter Black Krrsantan.

Black Krrsantan is a fierce looking Wookie that debuted in Jason Aaron’s Star Wars run. He was another bounty hunter in Darth Vader’s employee and was called on to track down Luke Skywalker at one point. This all but assures we’ll get a Star Wars Black Series figure now to pursue Dr. Aphra, another character introduced in the comics. Maybe The Book of Boba Fett will also introduce Aphra?


For now, the Hutt twins back down, but that’s clearly a temporary measure. We might even see Boba square off with Black Krrsantan next episode.

That was it for the excitement of the present day. The rest of the episode was devoted to Boba continuing his training with the Tusken Raiders and being accepted as one of their number.

Boba took the lead in taking out a train used by the Pyke Syndicate to ferry spice across the Dune Sea. It was cool watching Boba take down a gang and take their speeder bikes. Almost as much fun as Boba training the Tusken Raiders in how to use them.


The great train heist was cool although it felt like a slightly less precarious situation as when Din Djarin and Mayfeld infiltrated the Imperial base while ferrying the explosive cargo on The Mandalorian.

With that successful mission, The Tusken Chief fully embraced Boba as a member of their tribe. Boba was adorned in traditional Tusken robes and wraps and he was given the honor of crafting his own gaderffii stick. This was useful in explaining how closely aligned to the raiders Boba had become, but it felt like it came at the expense of shortchanging the present-day assassination plot.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney

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