The Book of Boba Fett – The Streets of Mos Espa review S1 E3

The Streets of Mos Espa had a little of everything making for a tremendously entertaining episode as the season reaches its midway point. From tech biker gangs, to an unexpected Mandalorian cameo and even Danny Trejo randomly showing up, this was a fun installment.

Local merchant Lortha Peel (Stephen Root, Office Space) calls on Boba to deal with a street gang that stole some of his water supply. Good thing they didn’t take his stapler too. The gang, led by Drash (Sophie Thatcher) and Skad (Jordan Bolger), have swapped out some of their organs for mechanical parts to give them a technological edge. This doesn’t make water any easier to come by and they don’t have enough wages to pay Lortha’s jacked up water prices.

Boba opts for a compromise. He’ll employ the gang and give Lortha a percentage of what they stole. Lortha doesn’t seem pleased with this decision so it’s likely he’ll cause some trouble later.

There wasn’t a lot of emphasis on the flashbacks this episode. If last week was skewed more on the past, this one definitely kept the flashbacks to a minimum. That’s a good balance from one episode to the next. That doesn’t mean the abbreviated flashbacks were uneventful.


Boba headed to Mos Eisley, which included a quick blink and you missed it cameo from Amy Sedaris’ Pelli Motto and her mechanical droid crew walking. Boba went to barter with the Pyke Syndicate, but they’re already paying protection from the Nikto Sand Riders. While he promises they won’t be a problem, it proves an empty one as the biker gang ambushed and killed Boba’s Tusken clan. This makes last week’s episode more meaningful as it shows how quickly Boba’s new family community was taken from him.

Director Robert Rodriguez went with a wide shot to show the carnage with Boba all alone in what felt like a subtle nod to the conclusion of the Geonosis Arena battle. There, young Boba was all alone as the Jedi, Clone Troopers and Battle Droid Army took the war elsewhere. Not to go all super deep here, but it explains a lot of Boba’s psyche. He just wants to find someplace he belongs and to feel needed.

Jabba kept his palace filled with people and made sure Boba felt essential to his operation. It’s why just about every week, Boba is bringing in more folks to the palace again — to create his sense of community.


Boba doesn’t have much longer to reminisce as he’s yanked from the Bacta Tank by an angry Black Krrsantan (Carey Jones). The assassination attempt has Boba completely off guard and it’s up to his newly recruited biker gang, the Gamorrean Guard and Fennec to stop him by dropping him into the Rancor Pit. Ironically, it wouldn’t be empty much longer.

The Hutt Twins are apologetic for siccing Black Krrsantan on Boba. They didn’t realize the territory was already claimed by the Pyke Syndicate in a deal arranged by Mayor Mok Shaiz. To make amends, they offer Boba a gift — a Rancor calf and a new handler (Danny Trejo).


At some point this stunt casting could get old, but not this week. Machete is in the building!

I kept waiting to see if this was a more elaborate trap from the Hutts, but the Rancor and its new keeper were on the up and up. Boba can’t wait to further bond with the Rancor and possibly ride it. That would be an insane sight so I’m all for it.

Boba and Fennec get suckered by his Majordomo forcing Drash, Skad and the other tech gang members to chase him on their 50s style speeders. The chase goes on a little longer than it needed since the payoff was just that Mok Shaiz is working with the Pykes, but it was something different.


I like that Boba Fett’s show isn’t just him being super awesome at everything and that he actually needs others to help get things done. This made for a good showcase for the tech gang. Wonder who’ll get added to the entourage next week?

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney

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