DC Comics reviews 1/18/22 – Nightwing #88, Catwoman #39

Robins #3


The halfway point of this mini-series finds the former Batman sidekicks dealing with henchmen of some of Gotham’s biggest threats. Tim Seeley is writing this in a bubble and the characters are starting to sound too far off their established baseline for some needless drama.

A conversation with Nightwing and Batman plays out far too melodramatic given the current state of their relationship. That’s the other problem with Robins. It seems to exist in its own continuity where Damian isn’t on Lazarus Island; Red Hood isn’t leading Task Force Z and Spoiler isn’t partnering with Orphan. This interaction would read smoother if Seeley could incorporate some of what’s currently playing out in the Bat Family books.

Baldemar Rivas’ artwork is skewing further to a manga style with cartoonishly exaggerated hair, disproportionate limbs along with some incomprehensible action sequences.

This was a frustrating issue with the cracks starting to show in what started as a promising look at some of the Robins.

Rating: 5 out of 10