Hasbro Fan First Friday GI Joe Classified Series reveals include Stalker, Tomax, Xamot

I’ve been psyched for this Fan First Friday. It’s felt like it’s been a long time since we’ve had some new GI Joe Classified Series reveals.

Heck, the only reveal we don’t have — or at least most of us — is Croc Master (and Fiona). At the last Fan First Joe panel, we saw less than half of the figures on the rumored early 2022 list. Today, we got to see a lot more.

Tomax and Xamot


Hasbro officially confirmed the Retro Classified Series line revealing four figures with more Real American Hero and cartoon colors.


Lady Jaye




The O-ring Retro line continues with a pair of new two-packs:

Cobra Trooper and Cobra Officer

Duke and Cobra Commander

Photo Credit: Hasbro

Pre-order the Storm Shadow, Spirit and Cobra Officer Classified Series figures at Entertainment Earth.