DC reviews 2/8/22 – Detective Comics #1052, The Joker #12

Titans United #6

Titans United #6

The invasion arc lost a little steam this issue. In fairness it’s hard to make heroes fighting off alien invaders that engaging any more after The Avengers movie.

Writer Cavan Scott keeps the banter going but has to work through Connor fighting through his pesky brainwashing at Blackfire’s hand. And if the cast wasn’t already big enough, Scott has Lady Vic help Starfire battle Blackfire and Superboy.

Jose Luis is holding his end up with more fantastic art. DC editors definitely need to have a high-profile title lined up for Luis once Titans United is over. Jonas Trindade’s inks continue to showcase Luis’ work well while Rex Lokus’ color work is clean allowing for easy-to-follow power effects and lighting.

This wasn’t the strongest issue of Titans United, which is slightly concerning with one issue to go, but it still is a breezy entertaining team book.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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