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Marvel Legends Civil Warrior review – BAF Mr. Hyde

I hate grabbing the random figure I’m completely disinterested in for the sake of completing a Build-A-Figure. The Mr. Hyde wave took me longer than normal to build thanks to half the figures being non-essentials for my collection. On paper, Civil Warrior had all the makings of a worthless figure.

He’s based on the Contest of Champions game that I don’t play and I’m exhausted on Iron Man variants that don’t tie into comic book armors. But in hand, this is actually a pretty cool figure that’s actually worth grabbing beyond the BAF piece.

Packaging:  As part of the Gamer Verse subset line, Civil Warrior has a different color scheme than the typical Marvel Legend figure.

His packaging has a predominantly white backdrop and the Gamer Verse and Contest of Champions logo prominently displayed. The package art is cool showing off Civil Warrior ready for battle.

marvel legends civil warrior review -package bio

The bio is important here since there’s probably a decent amount of collectors that haven’t played COC. It’s not as informative as I’d like but covers the basics — it’s an alternative reality Captain America rocking Tony Stark tech to honor his friend’s legacy in the fallout of Civil War.

Likeness:  This is a very nice sculpt all around. It’s a repaint of the Hydra Supreme Captain America figure although I think it looks better in these colors.

marvel legends civil warrior review -wide pic

Civil Warrior’s Stark Tech as further armor plating over his chainmail attire. The helmet gives me an Optimus Prime vibe with the covered mouthplate and the angled nose.

I like the neckpiece plating and how it looks like it’s an additional layer of protection beyond the prominent armor section with the star.

marvel legends civil warrior review -armor over chainmail

The Cap belt is a nice touch and it’s cool to see the texturing of Cap’s base suit peeking through the sides of his waist.

It’s a nice-looking figure based off an inspired design.

Paint:  The paint work is solid save for a few minor mistakes. The red lining at the right gauntlet isn’t on the sculpted line, there’s some scuffs on the star and the red on the right side needs to come down lower to the edge of the chest plate.

There’s one big issue with the paintjob — the star should be white, not arc reactor blue.

I checked this with a full 20-second Google search. I don’t get why Hasbro can mess up on these areas that requires such a simple quality check.

marvel legends civil warrior review -scale with 80th and civil war cap

Scale: Civil Warrior’s scale doesn’t really matter in the absence of other COC characters in the collection. He’s about average height and lines up properly with the Captain America figures.

marvel legends civil warrior review - facing 80th and civil war cap figures


marvel legends civil warrior review -swinging shield back

Articulation: Since this is still Captain America underneath all that armor, he needs to be able to do his agile/power strikes. The figure really moves well and was far more fun to pose than I expected.

marvel legends civil warrior review -advancing

Civil Warrior has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends civil warrior review -kicking

Accessories: Civil Warrior comes with a pretty cool take on the standard Captain America shield. This one has a sculpted arc reactor component at the center instead of a star.

marvel legends civil warrior review -arc shield detail

The shield shows some degree of distress with paint peeled off and faded areas of red.

Finally, he gets the head of the Build-A-Figure Mr. Hyde.

marvel legends civil warrior review - accessories in tray

Worth it?  I got Civil Warrior for $16.99. That’s a better price for a figure I initially just wanted for the BAF piece. Mr. Hyde’s head goes for about $14 online itself so I figured adding a figure for another $3 wasn’t an awful deal.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I had zero interest in this figure, but it’s a very well constructed and fun figure to pose. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. If the arc reactor segments were the proper color it would have gotten the full score.

marvel legends civil warrior review -holding shield

Where to get it?  Civil Warrior is reaching that point where he’s becoming harder to find through traditional means. He seems sold out at the moment on Amazon, but GameStop still has him available at the discounted price.

marvel legends civil warrior review -final pic

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