Mezco Toy Fair ‘22 reveals: TMNT, Storm Shadow

Yesterday we got some cool reveals from Mezco Toyz, but they’re definitely not done yet.

Today, Mezco teased the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From the tease they look really well done.

Mezco Toyz teenage mutant ninja turtles wide

Given the wide depth of NECA’s coverage in the line I wonder how far they can go with, but maybe this is intended for collectors with a wide Mezco collection and just want their take on the main characters.

Mezco Toyz teenage mutant ninja turtles tease


Another fun reveal was the GI Joe Storm Shadow.

Mezco Toyz Storm shadow tease

Unlike Snake Eyes, we didn’t get a full body shot of Storm Shadow. It does look promising though.

What do you think of these teases?

Photo Credit: Mezco Toyz