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DC Comic reviews 2/22/22 – Task Force Z #5, Robin #11

Task Force Z #5


This continues to be one of DC’s strongest new titles. Writer Matthew Rosenberg doesn’t stray far from playing out this fantastic premise and raising the stakes a little each issue.

It feels like these days the concept of Suicide Squad, but with Zombies would be fumbled more often than not. Rosenberg gets exactly how to play the scenario out with Red Hood and Two-Face trying to make better use of some of Gotham’s worse than rotting in Arkham or the grave.
Of course, when Amanda Waller has her own Suicide Squad, led by KGBeast, crash the party all bets are off.
Rosenberg is showing a good command of character voices from Deadshot, Two-Face, Waller and especially the series’ breakout star Mr. Bloom.
Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreria, Matt Santorelli and Jack Herbert all share similar enough styles that three different art teams aren’t that big a distraction. They all cram as much detail into the zombie characters and genuine emotion into the living that it has a true cinematic vibe. Adriano Lucas’ colors further sell the darker themes of the series.
There’s so many twists and turns the story can take simply based on realistic takes on the characters that Task Force Z is anything but predictable.
One thing that is reliable is it’s going to be one of the stellar books in its release week and this was another killer installment.
Rating: 10 out of 10