A new contender enters the ring with PowerTown wrestling figures

For most 40-something wrestling figure collector fans, the AWA Remco line was the first option to simulate the action in the ring on the small screen in our homes.

This line was my introduction to stars like Ric Flair, The Road Warriors, Larry Zbysko and more. It didn’t take long for LJN’s WWF line to overtake the Remco line. Still, Remco did what no other company accomplished in getting a fairly comprehensive 85-86 AWA roster in figure form.

Jakks and Mattel have done a few AWA looks from wrestling legends, but they’ve been a tough sell. Mattel hasn’t been able to get an AWA champion Curt Hennig figure in its WWE Legends like.

Hoping to fill that void for collectors, PowerTown led by Steve Rosenthal and Greg Gagne, are returning to the wrestling figure business.

In its press release, PowerTown announced more than 150 wrestling personalities will be part of this line of limited edition figures.

Additionally, the line is putting a premium on articulation and aiming to be the most articulated wrestling figure line.

I’m excited about the mention of wrestling personalities, which means the line could provide figures for guys like David Crockett, Bob Caudle, Missy Hyatt, Gary Hart and Skandor Akbar.


The first announced figures are Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, Stan Hansen, Magnum T.A., Kerry Von Erich and Ted DiBiase.

PowerTown first series lineup

Kerry Von Erich definitely piqued my interest as hopefully this means we could get the four wrestling Von Erich brothers — Kevin, David, Kerry and Mike — in one line.

Scratch that, if PowerTown goes deep on the 1983-1984 World Class roster this might be one of my favorite figures lined period.

In an interview with slamwrestling.net, Gagne also revealed both Bobby Duncan and Bobby Duncan Jr. will also be part of the line.

Gagne also said soft goods will be incorporated into the line as well. Just as important the line will be available online and limited retail.

That’s all very exciting news. Fair or not, PowerTown definitely needs to make sure its line fits in the same scale as Mattel’s WWE Elite line.

There’s easy cross sell if Stan Hansen can battle the Elite Bruno Sammartino for example.

Even if collectors don’t want to go all in with the line, there will probably be a healthy amount of cherry pickers to keep the line sustainable for many years if they can co-exist with the hundreds of legends figures Mattel has made.

What do you think of this news?

Photo Credit: PowerTown