DC Comics reviews 3/8/22 – Superman Son of Kal-El #9, The Joker #13

The Joker #13


As he prepares to wind down the first season of The Joker, writer James Tynion IV has some mass carnage to get out of his system. Enter Vengeance as she takes on a family of wealthy cannibals to kill Joker who’s being primed to be the next meal.

This was the first issue where Tynion flipped the regular dynamic of Jim Gordon having the bulk of the “screen time” while Joker just had a very minor cameo. Watching Vengeance decapitate and dismember the cannibal family isn’t as exciting in execution as Tynion might have envisioned.

The Joker’s not so-secret MVP has always been Gordon narrating his pursuit of a madman. Without that component the issue felt frivolous and not nearly as engaging.

The artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli was striking delivering the intended emotional punch each page. Cam Smith’s ink work kept the art looking crisp while Arif Piranto went against the norm with bright colors in a morbid tale.

Tynion sets up a nice cliffhanger bringing Gordon back into the fold, but his absence was definitely felt this issue making for one of the few misfires in this series so far.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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