Marvel Legends Baron Zemo up at

After a few years where tracking Walgreens Marvel Legends exclusives was an exercise in frustration, they’ve recently turned it around. I was able to get Nova and Quasar with no trouble.

I didn’t have an interest in Binary, but she was available without any problems as well. Today, the Baron Zemo figure dropped on the website. This was a figure I was dreading trying to find in stores, but Walgreens and Hasbro have made sure that these exclusives are well stocked so they’re not selling out in seconds.

Check out my review of the Marvel Legends Classic Baron Zemo figure here.

Marvel Legends Series Baron Zemo Classic Comics 6-inch Action Figure Walgreens

And even better, at least in the case of Quasar, once they’re sold out doesn’t mean there won’t be subsequent restocks. I grabbed Quasar on the third stock on the website.


That won’t be a problem with Zemo, who was a rush to get the order in figure. It seems like Walgreens has him stocked pretty well as he’s not gone after a few minutes. He’s arguably the most in-demand figure in this exclusive series since the Fantastic Four. It’s nice to see this exclusive partnership is locked in with no hassles.

This makes me a lot more hopeful there won’t be any trouble getting Jigsaw, the last revealed villain so far in this year’s theme. I’m looking forward to seeing who’s next.

You can still get Zemo now on Walgreens website.

Photo Credit: Hasbro