McFarlane Toys teases DC Multiverse Red Robin figure

McFarlane Toys is keeping the weekend reveals coming. The latest from the DC Multiverse is Red Robin.

dc multiverse red robin figure - wide

While McFarlane has typically focused on the current day takes of DC characters, he has dabbled in New 52 looks occasionally.

new 52 red robin

We’ve seen that with the red and black version of Nightwing in the two pack with Red Hood.

McFarlane Toys dc multiverse red robin

dc multiverse red robin figure - flying


The tricky part of making Red Robin in his New 52 attire is this kind of invites the question of if McFarlane plans on tackling the new Teen Titans stint. In fairness that era of the Titans wasn’t great although I would be down for a Bunker figure.

dc multiverse red robin figure - close up

What do you think of this figure?

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys

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