Scott Hall memories, tributes from Waltman, Nash and more

It always sucks doing these. Scott Hall was the coolest wrestler when that meant something.

When a wrestler from another promotion would come into the WWF, it was always fun to see how they would be recreated. Big Scott Hall’s reinvention into a Scarface-like, gold chain wearing thug was incredible. I was hooked on his character the second he told a woman who said, “I thought we had something” “No, you had something, chica.”

Hall was treated like a major player right away aligning with Ric Flair and feuding with Macho Man Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior and eventually his former AWA tag team champion partner, Mr. Perfect. It’s weird that Flair is the only one still alive now.

From there, he had a terrific feud with Bret Hart for the WWF title before having the Intercontinental title on lock. Feuds with fellow Kliq members Shawn Michaels, 1-2-3 Kid and Diesel/Kevin Nash solidified Hall as a cornerstone of the New Generation era.

I was actually watching the WCW Nitro when Scott Hall came from the stands to crash a random match. When he spoke in full Razor accent, I was so hyped. The next few weeks of Hall and Nash terrorizing WCW was some of the best wrestling entertainment I’ve ever seen. The nWo were the ultimate cool bad guys. The Four Horsemen had their fans, but it was always satisfying watching Flair’s smug face get bloodied by Sting, Dusty, Luger, The Road Warriors, etc.

A lot of the nWo’s coolness came from Hall, who didn’t have to act cool. It just came naturally. One of my all-time favorite moments is when The Outsiders deliver another promo and Hall gets hit by a beer flush on his head. Hall casually wipes it off by slicking back his hair while Eric Bischoff says “And his hair was perfect.” It was awesome.

I suppose the good thing about today is Hall seemed like this moment was going to come years ago.

Fortunately, he fought through and was able to enjoy “bonus years” being appreciated by fans thrilled to see The Bad Guy still with us. The Outsiders were always juggernauts in the March Bashness tournament as everyone appreciated and respected their ability to go all the way.

Here’s some comments from the wrestling community on the loss of Hall: