DC Comics reviews – Nightwing #90, The Flash #780

Batman Superman World’s Finest #1


If this first issue is any indication, Nightwing and The Flash might have some company as my favorite titles from DC.

Writer Mark Waid, artist Dan Mora, colorist Tamra Bonvillain and letterer Aditya Bidihar tap fully into a more innocent age of DC Comics that’s unbridled fun without the senseless death and grittiness.

It’s sad that outside of a handful of titles, the norm is more random deaths and harsh slice of real life reads. Waid goes all out on the fantastic feel of Silver Age comics with his script featuring the iconic takes on Superman, Batman, Robin, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and a handful of special guests.

Brief side note: title aside, Waid’s take on Robin is too perfect to leave him out of the fun. Hopefully Robin is a permanent co-lead even if he’s not in the title.


Metallo and Poison Ivy have teamed up to hatch a plan against the Man of Steel. Batman and Robin crash the party, but Metallo still accomplishes his goal of injecting Superman with a cocktail of red Kryptonite. With the unpredictable Red-K going through his body, Superman can’t control his powers or his mind. It’s up to Batman and Robin to help their friend and prevent Metropolis from being utterly destroyed.

Mora’s artwork is phenomenal. He’s got a knack for bringing out the most exciting poses for characters and conveying a superior sense of movement. Bonvillain’s work is electric with vibrant primary colors.

DC needs more titles like this, and I’m already hyped for next month’s installment.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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