DC Comics reviews – Nightwing #90, The Flash #780

Robins #5


The penultimate issue of this Robins series was the best yet. Writer Tim Seeley had a little fun this time. Nightwing, Red Hood and Spoiler operated in a simulation where they never became Robin. These alternate lives were pretty engaging and fitting in all cases. In particular, the former Grayson writer’s ideal life for Dick.

Stephanie’s dream scenario was another standout given her lofty ambitions.

Baldemar Rivas’ art felt more controlled this issue. Rivas’ use of overly dramatic expressions and posing was toned down allowing the moments that do incorporate them to be more compelling.

Seeley seemed inspired with this issue’s premise and with a more restrained Rivas, the final issue could actually stick the landing.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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