DC Comics reviews – Nightwing #90, The Flash #780

The Flash #780


The gap between The Flash and the majority of DC titles is getting wider. Writer Jeremy Adams is dialed all the way in with Wally West, his family and supporting cast. It’s leading to a run on the title that needs to be appreciated now and not in hindsight.

In this issue, Adams navigates the fallout of Wally, Jai, Irey and Maxine’s escapade in Gemworld and the War for Earth 3 crossover.

This is the third chapter of the mini-event yet Adams wisely doesn’t sideline The Flash subplots to advance the crossover. Easily the biggest benefit of that decision is the reveal that Linda Park now has powers and doesn’t know how to tell Wally.

That approach also allows Adams to focus on the important beats of the story, which now teases a connection to a much larger event coming in DC.

This helps explains the seemingly bizarre actions of Amanda Waller.

Will Conrad provides the art this issue allowing for a strong handoff from the excellent work from Fernando Pasarin. The art remains at a high quality this issue as Conrad is another top tier artist for DC.

The Flash continues to be one of DC’s can’t miss titles. Issues like this one are a prime example. The War for Earth-3 crossover continues next week in Teen Titans Academy, which will have to bring it since the bar has been raised now.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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